Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

Due to a private event, we will be closed to the public until 12pm on Saturday, April 20th.

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Starting Grid

Garden Salad Mix (GF, NF, DF, V)
Elbow Macaroni Salad (Mayo based) (NF)
Italian Tomato Mozzarella Pesto (NF, GF)
Italian Ziti Pasta (NF, DF)
Fresh Coleslaw
Potato Salad (Mayo based)
Mixed Fruit (GF, NF, DF, V)

Turn 1

Slider Buns

Turn 2

Golden Corn (GF, NF, DF, V)
Baked Beans w/ Bacon & Brown Sugar (GF, NF, DF)
Borracho Beans (GF, NF, DF)
Guacamole / Corn Chips (GF, NF, DF)
Queso / Chips (NF, GF)
Fire Roasted Salsa / Corn Chips (GF, NF, DF)
Vegetable Medley (GF, NF, DF, V)
Garlic Mashed Potatoes (GF, NF)
Spanish Rice (GF, NF, DF, V)
Roasted Sweet Potatoes (GF, NF, DF, V)
Red Quinoa with Vegetables (GF, NF, DF)
Exotic Grains with Fire-Roasted Vegetables (GF, NF, DF, V)

Turn 3

Seasoned Boneless “Grilled” Chicken Breast (GF, NF, DF)
(Choice of Marsala, BBQ, Enchilada, or Marinara Sauce)
Italian Meatballs w/ Cheese (GF, NF)
Pork Carnitas (GF, NF, DF)
Beef Barbacoa (GF, NF, DF)
Mini Hot Dogs (GF, NF DF)
Hamburgers / Cheeseburgers (NF)
Chicken Fingers (NF)
Chicken Wings (NF)
Boneless BBQ Ribs (GF, NF, DF)
BBQ Pulled Pork (GF, NF, DF)
Hot Link Sausage (GF, NF, DF)

Finish Line

Brownies (NF)
Chocolate Chip Cookies (NF)
Lemon Squares (NF)
Assorted Mini Cheesecakes

GF – Gluten Free, NF – Nut Free, DF – Dairy Free, V-Vegan