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Happy New Year all! 

LVMGP Happy New Year 2022

We had a December to remember starting with our inaugural 2021 Toy Jam. The UNLV Veterans Alumni Association, in partnership with the Ranflitas Car Club, distributed over 2,500 toys to local under-served youth.

Then, we hosted our 2nd Annual Super Santa Charity Race, where ten local charities competed for nearly $1,000 in race tickets, trophies, and bragging rights!  Then Santa himself actually visited twice to surprise all of the families at our park. The kids got their picture taken with the jolly old elf, and he took notes on what they wanted for Christmas this year.

We wrapped the month and tied it with a bow, with our annual crew member Christmas party. We had so much fun!  There were lots and lots of raffle prizes, a Christmas window-decorating contest, a white elephant gift exchange, a Christmas tree decorating contest where one crew member was the tree, and the others decorated them.  Hilarious. But the best part of the party (not counting the food), was when 13 of our crew took the ONE CHIP CHALLENGE. You know, where they eat that really really really hot Carolina Reaper Corn Chip. We were giving $50 to the last man/woman standing, that held out the longest before dousing their burning tongues and mouth with milk or ice cream. Wouldn’t you know it, all but two crew members held out – so everyone received $50. WOW, those are some crazy kids.

Our entire crew is soooooo revved up for 2022. It’s our 30th birthday, and we are going to party all year long!  We have some fun events planned, and specials galore.  In fact, for the entire year, anyone turning 30 that celebrates with us on their birthday, will receive one of two special discounts. The first is a one-hour Mega Ride wrist band for just $30, normally priced at $43. Or, if celebrating in a group of 20+, we have a spectacular new package called the EURO Challenge. This package includes 60-minutes of open racing on our Euro high speed track, followed by two competitive timed laps, food, drinks, and arcade tokens. When all is said and done, the racer with the fastest time in the last race receives a trophy. The person celebrating their birthday will be comped, a $100+ value!!! Stay tuned for more announcements – all of which will be made right here, in our special 30th Anniversary blog. That’s it for now, we’re pulling into the garage – ‘till next time

Gina   12/31/21