Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

LVMGP Racing Experience
Gift Certificates


 Experience is not required for most of the positions. There are many unique opportunities available with LVMGP. 

You must be at least 16 years of age for most jobs, although some jobs have higher age requirements. You must also be able to comply with LVMGP Job Expectations and Appearance Standards.

Appearance Standarts

SMILE.  A smile goes a long way with our guests.  Come to work wearing a Smile on your face and in your heart, and everyday will be a great day.


At Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix, we strive to present a conservative appearance.  This extends to make up, jewelry, hair style, personal hygiene, unform and footwear.  When you have pride in yourself, it will reflect in the impression our guests have of you and the park.


Your attitude and appearance will have a great impact on our guests.  Don’t worry about our uniform specifics now.  Just know they will be conservative and casual.  Completing the application is the first step to becoming a valued team member at Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix.  Do it now.