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There was a Safety Meeting at the Track today.  They asked me, “What steps would you take in the event of a Fire”?  “BIG One’s”, apparently was the wrong answer. Hi, I’m Jim Laughlin, General Manager here at Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix.  Safety isn’t a laughing matter!  We take you and your children’s safety very seriously.  All of our staff are extensively trained and certified before they’re allowed to operate any ride or track.  Our Ride Managers and Crew Leaders have years of experience and training to ensure your family will have a pleasant and safe experience during your visit. Our Go Kart mechanics are just as well trained.  Always making your safety their top priority.  Safety is everyone’s job.  We need you and your family to be alert.  We would like you to help us ensure everyone is being safe while in our Park.  If you see anything that looks unusual or unsafe, please contact one of our Safety Coordinators immediately.  Explain to them what you saw and they will immediately investigate. Thanks for being a loyal Laws Vegas Mini Grand Prix customer and we look forward to seeing you on your next SAFE visit. Sincerely, Jim