Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

Due to a private event, we will be closed to the public until 12pm on Saturday, April 20th.

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What is a pizza without some cheesy garlic breadsticks, or some wings without an order of fries? You know you want to…your diet can wait.



Our breadsticks are the best compliment to your pizza, salad or sandwich. Made to order, fresh !


Crisscut Fries

Regular or Seasoned – These fries are crispy and delicious without a hint of trans fats. We bake them in our pizza oven for a light crispy texture without the oily aftertaste.


Cheesy Breadsticks

Our cheesy breadsticks will leave your mouth watering!! Who doesn’t love cheese and bread? They just go together so well!


Garden Salad

Clean and cut fresh salad. Simply pure freshness!!!


Cheesy BACON Breadsticks

What makes cheesy breadsticks even better? Why Bacon of course! These crispy strips of savory goodness mixed with melted cheese on freshly baked bread is a real winner!


Chicken Salad

This fresh and flavorful salad is anything but ordinary! The way we’ve paired chicken with fresh veggies will dazzle you!

fried potatoes